Downtown Now event to highlight new businesses

Downtown Now event to highlight new businesses
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Downtown Tucson Partnership and Rio Nuevo on Monday, Oct. 22, will hold their annual state of downtown event, called Downtown Now, highlighting changes and growth in downtown Tucson.

One of the main things they’ll be highlighting is organizations and businesses that they think are transforming downtown. Many of those key businesses are the businesses that have come to downtown Tucson in the past year they say.

Let’s Sweat, a fitness gym downtown, is one of those businesses that has opened up in the past year. The fitness studio has seen great success thus far and its owner says their location plays a key role in that.

“The thing about downtown is it’s a really tight-knit community. It’s like a small town within Tucson. Everybody’s so supportive, like the people who work, live downtown, they truly want you to succeed. They put their money where their mouth is and they come visit and sweat and talk about you and wear your stuff,” Let’s Sweat owner Soleil Schwabe said.

Schwabe, a lifelong Tucsonan, says she specifically chose a location in the downtown area because of how much she’s seen the area grow. Now, she lives downtown, she owns a business downtown, and she is a patron of many of her fellow locally owned and operated stores downtown.

“We’re in it together,” she said. “I think Tucson’s the best place in the world.”

Over 10 new businesses have come to downtown Tucson in the past year, all of which are still open except for one, the Nestle Toll House cookie shop.

Rio Nuevo representatives say that at Downtown Now the plan is to also have current developers talk about upcoming projects in the Tucson area, along with having downtown leaders speaking as well.

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