Sabino HS girls basketball forfeits games due to use of ineligible player

Sabercats still No. 1 in conference despite having wins taken away

Games forfeited after recruiting violations

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - A new sports controversy for Sabino High School, this time involving the girls basketball program and possible recruiting violations.

The Sabino High School girls basketball team received the news on Tuesday, Jan. 29, that they would have to forfeit 10 games this season. However, in a Tucson Unified School District news release dated Wednesday, Jan. 30, the district said the team forfeited nine games.

The team had initially been investigated by the district and that case was closed. Then the Arizona Interscholastic Association was notified by Sabino administration that a rule had been broken. The school also shared information with the district, that there was evidence that coaches had broken the prior contact rule, which was confirmed by the Jan. 30 news release. AIA officials said the team was playing with an ineligible player and that is why the AIA decided to have the team forfeit the games.

Despite the team having to forfeit the games, it is still eligible for postseason play and remains ranked No. 1 in the 3A conference.

According to a statement from the TUSD Director of Interscholastics, Herman House, a report was sent to the AIA on Wednesday, Jan. 16 with allegations of violations to AIA Bylaws: Prior Contact and Recruiting for the Sabino High School Girls' Basketball team, involving three student athletes.

TUSD said in the Jan. 30 release that allegations regarding two of the players were unsubstantiated.

The release, in its entirety, is below:

"The Tucson Unified School District administration is conducting an internal investigation regarding the recruitment allegation involving the Sabino High School Girls Basketball team.

"Effective immediately, Sabino High School Girls’ Basketball team has forfeited nine games due to the violation of prior contact with one of the players. Even with the forfeitures, Sabino Girls’ basketball team remains ranked #1 in the 3A conference and as a result still have a very good chance at post-season play.

"In addition, it was determined that the allegations regarding two other Sabino basketball players were unsubstantiated.

“On February 19, 2019, the AIA staff will submit to the AIA Executive Board their recommendations regarding Sabino’s violation.”

House’s Jan. 16 statement follows:

“As the Director of Interscholastic for Tucson Unified School District, I was personally involved in vetting two of the three mentioned in the complaint; the third student-athlete started at Sabino as a freshman and is not subjected to the prior contact rule. TUSD will continue to look into this matter and will send our findings to the AIA upon completion; however, I am pleased with the vetting process of these three student-athletes conducted by the Sabino Administration and am confident that the AIA will find that the school acted in accordance with AIA bylaws.”

The AIA released the following statement on the Sabino girls basketball team:

“The forfeiture of games for the Sabino girls basketball team is related to the previous investigation. After TUSD had concluded its investigation, new evidence regarding prior contact was discovered by the Sabino administration and shared with TUSD and the Arizona Interscholastic Association. The penalty in this situation is forfeiture of the games played with the ineligible player. Sabino remains eligible for the postseason. Since the team has already played at least the minimum number of games to qualify, it remains eligible. The ranking formula is a power rated system. It cannot determine who would have won the game if that ineligible player did not participate. So the team has played 14 power ranking games according to the system. The current power ranking for the team is based off the four other games, in which Sabino is 4-0, and it keeps the team at No 1. In the rankings based off those four games. There is no current AIA action against the school or program.”

However, this is not the first time Sabino High School has had controversy over its athletics program - in August 2018, the Sabino baseball team had to forfeit its state title, due to AIA Bylaw violations.

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