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Updated: Catalina High School principal fired

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By Brian White - email

A Tucson high school principal is out of a job.

Members of the Tucson Unified School District voted Tuesday night to fire Catalina High School principal Linda Patterson.

In a statement released to KOLD News 13 board members claim $30,000 were stolen by an unknown person under Patterson's watch.

The statement says, "Ms. Patterson had previouly reassigned the Assistant Principal formerly responsible for student funds, taking the responsibliity on herself."

The Board believes Patterson failed to properly supervise personnel in complying with District financial practices.

"Durring the investigation and for months after, Ms. Patterson failed to inform her supervisor that the Assistant Principal was not responsible for the supervision of school finance personnel at the time of the theft." The statement goes on to say, "As a result of Ms. Patterson's failure to inform her supervisor of these critical facts, she permitted her supervisor and all others in the supervisory chain to believe that the Assistant Principal had faild in his superviory duites."

The Board went on to say they believe Patterson inproperly used her position for personal gain by requesting that her staff speak to the Governing Board on her behalf in an attempt to save her job. The employees complained that they felt pressured to support her.

The Board also claims that Patterson failed to supervise the Catalina Flight Program. Which in turn lead to the programs "temporary grounding."

Patterson had worked at the school for two years.


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