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Conjoined rattlesnakes to be separated

By Brian White - email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Two conjoined Diamondback Rattlesnakes were found about a week ago at a construction site near Tucson.

The person who found them contacted staff at the Desert Museum to save the seemingly ill-fated creatures, who were dehydrated.

Experts at the museum say these conjoined snakes are connected at the neck with soft tissue. They both have full bodies and two seperate heads.

They cautioned this particular gentic mishap cannot be classified as a two-headed snake because they don't share bodies.

Specialized veterinarians plan to surgically seperate the two this Thursday at the Desert Museum.

The staff says these snakes would not have survived alone in the wilderness becuase they were constantly working against each other. Two brains, two ideas about where to go, they said.

The snakes currently measure between 8 and 9 inches long and have a diameter similar to a pencil's.

The staff who will performing the operation say the surgery will be difficult becuase it's hard to keep animals like venomous snakes anesthetized. Plus, they bite!   


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