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Students and staff rally against budget cuts

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By Teresa Jun - email

TUCSON (KOLD) - Dozens of students, staff, and faculty held a rally at the University of Arizona Thursday afternoon to call attention to funding for higher education.

They're concerned about job cuts, salary cuts, and increased tuition and costs.

They're calling for their voices to be heard, when it comes to making tough decisions in light of the current budget crisis.

"My concern is that more people be involved," said Majed Akhter, a UA graduate student.  "More involved in who gets cut, what gets cut, and hot it gets cut."

"If the state legislature up in Phoenix understands that public education is important to Arizonans," said Jeff Garmany, a UA graduate student.  "Then I think we've got a real chance."

Organizers staged the rally to happen on the same day that students and staff in the University of California system planned a walk-out in protest of budget cuts.

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