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Looking to get rid of an unwanted gift card?

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By Julie Steigerwald - email

(KOLD) - Each year an estimated $5 billion in gift cards go unused.  But there are options for those of you looking to unload unwanted gift cards.

There are several website that let you sell, trade or even donate a gift card.  Websites like plasticjungle.com, giftcardrescue.com and swapagift.com are among those that will give you cash for your unwanted gift card, minus a fee. 

Another option: Card Hub's free gift card exchange app on Facebook.  It lets you create a list of cards you wish you received, and others you're looking to get rid of.

If you think you can use the gift card some time in the future - hold onto it.  Many retailers have eliminated fees and expiration dates ahead of new federal reserve guidelines that will take effect next year.

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