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Inside the mind of a medium: Part I

By Lauren Burgoyne – bio | email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Every week on the show Medium, Patricia Arquette takes you inside the mind of real life medium Allison Dubois. One week she's going inside the mind of a murderer, the next she's communicating with the dead. But reality may be stranger than fiction.

 KOLD's Lauren Burgoyne sat down with Dubois who got her start interning at the Maricopa County District Attorney's office. Like the first episode of the show, Dubois says she received clues into crimes while handling the evidence. Dubois has assisted in solving cases like the brutal rape and murder of 19-year- old Jackie Hartman of Gilbert. Dubois said she was able to determine when her remains would be found.

While Dubois says she has never charged to work a case, it costs nearly 100 dollars to attend one of her seminars.

As for the show, not everything is parallel to the real life of this mother medium. Dubois says the crimes Patricia Arquette solves in an episode would take months for  her. On the show Arquette receives her information while sleeping while Dubois says she receives her visions while awake.

Like the show, Dubois is married with daughters who she also believes have medium gifts.

What you won't see on Medium is how Dubois was first put into the spotlight at the University of Arizona where she was studied by Dr. Gary Schwartz. of the Department of Advances in Consciousness and Health. The U of A is one of only two universities in the world where this  research is taking place.

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