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Inside the mind of a medium: Part II

By Lauren Burgoyne – bio | email

 Every week the show Medium takes you inside the mind of Allison Dubois as she solves crimes and communicates with the dead. But what the show doesn't tell you is that Dubois was first put into the spotlight at the University of Arizona, by Dr. Gary Schwartz. 

The U of A is only one of two universities in the entire world that puts mediums under the microscope for research. The medium experimentation is part of the Sophia Project, which falls into the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.

 For more than ten years Dr. Schwartz has been performing scientific research that the professor says is privately funded. Besides working with Dubois, Schwartz has worked with mediums like Catherine Yunt. Yunt is a mentor to other mediums and also has a counseling degree, which helps her deal with people who have lost family members.

Schwartz has published research supporting his affirmation that some mediums can legitimately communicate with the deceased. Now the Harvard graduate says he's working on technology that may one day be able to interact with the deceased as the mediums do.

In order to demonstrate how the research is done, KOLD's Lauren Burgoyne sat down with Yunt during a demonstration sitting. Yunt and Burgoyne had not met prior to the reading and they did not communicate until after it was completed. Yunt did not see or have any contact with Burgoyne during the reading.  Dr. Schwartz facilitated the questions and also had no information regarding Burgoyne's deceased friends or family. The only piece of information given to Yunt was the name of Burgoyne's deceased friend.

Yunt gave information freely and also asked questions provided by Dr. Schwartz. Burgoyne affirms that 85-90 percent of the information given about her friend was accurate, the reporter also said the information Yunt gave about Burgoyne was completely accurate. Without being prompted Yunt also gave information about the photographer who concurred was accurate.

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