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Woman who planted a finger in Wendy's chili speaks out

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KOLD) –   The woman who said she found a finger in her chili at Wendy's is speaking out about how the plot went down.

It was five years ago that Anna Ayala drove from her home in Las Vegas to a Wendy's restaurant in San José, and planted a severed human finger in a bowl of chili.

A judge sentenced her to 9 years in prison. She later won an appeal which reduced her sentence to seven years. Good behavior meant she ended up serving exactly four years behind bars.

She has been free since last April. She is on parole with conditions. For example, she has to say away from Wendy's.

"I got greedy and stupid. Total stupidity, and look where it got me," Ayala said.

She said she got the finger from her husband's co-worker who lost it in a construction accident. She said she cooked the finger before driving it to the Wendy's.  Ayala said she's speaking out now because she wants to apologize, admit her crime, and start her life anew.

 "It's very disgusting and I think about it.  What was going through my head?  Why did I do it?  Look at all the damage I caused, a lot of damage.  I hurt Wendy's; I hurt a lot of people.  I hurt my family, my children which I love with all my life," Ayala said.

Her husband is still in prison.  She said she recently left him.

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