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Bisbee court clerks find OK Corral documents while cleaning

By Julie Steigerwald - email

BISBEE, AZ (KOLD) - An amazing find in Bisbee is headed to Phoenix for safekeeping. 

Two Cochise County court clerks cleaning out a storage space at the Bisbee courthouse found inquest documents about the legendary Gunfight at OK Corral in 1881, which left three men dead in Tombstone.

Cochise County Clerk of Superior Court Denise Lundin realized they were the original OK Corral documents that had disappeared prior to her becoming clerk in 1994.

The 36-page document consists of handwritten court reporter transcripts of the testimony of eyewitnesses to the gunfight.

One page from the inquest, describes a housekeeper's account of the gunfight. She was shopping for meat when the shooting broke out.

On Wednesday the documents will be handed over to the Secretary of State in Phoenix during a ceremony so he can put them into the state archives. 

Although the documents belong to Cochise County, Lundin says her office can't maintain them and they are an important part of state history that belongs in the archives.

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