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Attempt to go out with bang ends in bust

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Oatman, AZ (KOLD) - A visitor to Arizona tried to make doubly sure of a successful suicide, but ended up failing on both counts.

The sheriff's office in Mohave County arrested 55-year-old James Lyle Pierson on Wednesday on suspicion of disorderly conduct involving a dangerous instrument.

Investigators say Pierson, of Washington state, had tried to kill himself by rigging his car to explode when he drove it off a cliff in northwestern Arizona.

The car bomb configuration - propane bottles, gasoline and shotgun shells in a four-door sedan - could have been inspired by the device used in the failed New York City Times Square bombing attempt.

Pierson's pyrotechnics failed to detonate Tuesday night as his car plunged down a steep embankment, leaving him to limp eight miles back to Oatman, where he contacted authorities.

He was briefly hospitalized, then arrested.

A police bomb squad later rendered the Pierson's vehicle inert.

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