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Mexican President addresses immigration before Congress

By Brittney Kelley - email

Washington, D.C. (KOLD) - The president of Mexico stood before a joint session of Congress and denounced Arizona's new immigration law on Thursday.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said "We must find together a better way to face and fix this common problem."

Calderon brought up that same point in his private meetings at the White House, and in a joint news conference with President Obama.

The Arizona law, which takes effect in July, would require police officers to ask people about their immigration status if they've stopped someone they suspect is living in the U.S. illegally.

The Mexican government is furious and has even issued a travel advisory warning its citizens not to travel to Arizona.

President Obama has also expressed concerns about the Arizona law. He's asked the Justice Department to review it even though the polls show that a majority of Americans think it's a good idea.

President Obama also said he believes states will continue to pass their own, tough laws until Congress approves an immigration reform plan.

Although right now, the votes in favor of that plan just aren't there.

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