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Police union supports SB 1070

By Mindy Blake - email

PHOENIX, AZ (KOLD) - An Arizona police union is getting in on the immigration law debate.

Union leaders from Phoenix are trying to convince U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to support SB1070.

They met with him in Washington.

The law requires police working a case to check the immigration status of a person if there is reasonable suspicion that individual is in the country illegally.

Tucson Police Officers Association president Larry Lopez told us  for the TPOA, it's "not a matter of supporting it one way or another.  if it becomes law, we'll enforce the law as we're told to do."

Lopez adds, "I'm not surprised by that at all.  Phoenix Police have been extremely vocal about immigration."

On the other side, police chiefs from around Arizona met with Holder last month, warning him about potential civil rights lawsuits from local officers enforcing the law.

Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor was among them.

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