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Last Tucson Drive-in on the Move

By David Gonzalez - email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) Tucson's last remaining drive-in theater closed it's gates last year but it's iconic big screens are on the move.

A group of drive-in enthusiasts is trying to preserve the decades-old big screens at DeAnza Drive-in.

"This is just a piece of a bigger project of saving a historical screen," says Leticia Bermudez, a local volunteer. 

"It's like the last evidence there were drive-ins here in Tucson." she added

DeAnza was demolished shortly after it closed down and it's screens were taken apart.

"We are going to take them to an off site storage location until the new location is secure," says Susan Sandoval, another local volunteer.

"We hopefully are going to bring this theater back to life."

Project Director for a new, non-profit Cactus Drive-in Charlie Spillar says a new location for the Cactus Drive-in has not been decided but he's positive it will happen.

"I'm pretty confident at this point in time because of all the support we have from the community," he says.

"There's very little question in my mind that it will happen," he says.  "Just when I don't know."

Heavier scraps of metal at the DeAnza drive-in will be hauled away later this week.

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