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Green Valley child care provider gets national recognition

By Christina Stymfal - email

(KOLD) - Green Valley child care provider, Carmina Mariscal, is one of 17 child care providers across the nation recognized for their commitment and dedication to providing outstanding quality child care, according to a press release.

With over ten years experience and her studies in Child development, Mariscal has a great deal of knowledge about children and has earned her C.D.A in the Early Childhood Partnership of Southern Pima County. She continues to advance her education by attending local professional development workshops and participates in numerous Early Childhood Partnership events to raise public awareness about the importance of quality early learning environments for all young children.

She is also a mentor for new child care providers in the community through the National Association of Family Child Care, as well as the Arizona Family Child Care Association.

Mariscal has a long-term goal of opening a non-profit child care center in rural Southern Pima County, where she vows to offer affordable, high quality early child care and education.

Mariscal is also the proud mother of three young children and exemplifies what it is, to be a dedicated parent, child care provider and community member.

Carmina Mariscal was recognized at the "Third Annual National Child Care Providers Awards Ceremony" held on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

The 17 national child care providers were all selected as "Caregivers of the Week" by public broadcasting stations in their area. They have been profiled on the programs as well as on the shows' websites at and

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