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Campaign to prevent crash fatalities

By Ana Campos – email

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) – Trying to change driver habits and save lives, that's the goal with the Picture a Safer Tucson Campaign.

Tucson Police Department is getting some help from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to launch public service announcements throughout Tucson. They will use any and all media available says Dan Judkins, UMC's trauma educator.

The University Medical Center will be providing data about car crash victims they see daily.

According Judkins, UMC see up to 13 trauma patients a day, 60 percent of those have been in car accidents.

Tucson carries the second highest crash rate in Arizona. Last year, the Arizona Department of Transportation cited 30 fatalities in Tucson because of motor vehicle incidents.

UMC already participates in another campaign against red light running. Billboards have been in place since 1997.

Now the message will be expanded to include the multiple factors that contribute to traffic accidents, speed being one of the mayor problems on Tucson streets.

Judkins says just 10 miles over the speed limit can have deadly consequences.

"Increasing the speed say, 30 to 40 miles an hour will double the severity of the injuries," said Judkins.


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