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Governor Brewer Pleased With Judge's Ruling On Obama Health Plan

By Leasa Conze - email

PHOENIX, AZ (KOLD) - Governor Jan Brewer today said she was pleased with the ruling by a federal judge in Virginia, rejecting most of President Barack Obama's health reform plan.

Arizona is party to Florida's legal challenge of the new law and that challenge takes place later this week, but today the first challenge, brought by Virginia's attorney general, ended the way Governor Brewer wanted.

The judge said the affordable care act is unconstitutional because Congress lacks authority to require all americans to buy health insurance.

"The unchecked expansion of congressional power to the limits suggested by the minimum essential coverage provision would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers,"  Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's attorney general said of the judge's decision.

However, because this part of the law doesn't take effect until 2014, the judge didn't stop the law from moving forward and President Obama is confident the government's appeal will hold up.

Monday afternoon Governor Brewer issued the following statement on the judge's ruling:

"I was pleased and encouraged to see Judge Hudson's ruling in Virginia today rejecting the provision of ObamaCare that requires individuals to purchase health insurance.  The individual mandate provision is an unprecedented and unconstitutional application of the Commerce Clase, as Arizona and 19 other states also contend in the multistate, bipartisan suit filed in the United States District Court of Florida.  We are hopeful that Judge Vinson will come to the same conclusion regarding this and other intrusive provisions of ObamaCare following oral arguments on the merits of the lawsuit in Florida on Thursday."

Brewer went on to say "Federal health care mandates, beginning with eligibility mandates in February 2009 and extended with the ObamaCare individual mandate and other mandates this year, have resulted in roughly $1 billion Medicaid funding shortfall for the State of Arizona.  Advocates of ObamaCare have failed to produce a single specific proposal to pay for the state obligations of the new federal mandate.  I will continue to pursue all legal remedies to end the unaffordable federal mandates and once again allow states the flexibility to create sustainable Medicaid programs."

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