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Family trademarks Christina Taylor-Green's name after picture flap

By Sonu Wasu - email

The family of Tucson shooting victim Christina Taylor-Green decided to trademark their daughter's name after immense publicity surrounding the Jan. 8 tragedy.

A spokeswoman for the family said they wanted to protect their child's memory.

While the family has rights to their daughter's name, a Tucson photographer said they do not have rights to some of her pictures.

Jon Wolf, who had taken portraits of Christina and her family, is suing several media outlets over the use of pictures taken by him in his studio.

Even though the pictures were sold to the family, and given to the media by the family, Wolf said he owned the copyrights to those pictures.

Wolf did not return our phone calls seeking a comment.

In an online blog, Wolf stated that he could not imagine the pain the Green family was enduring.

"We are currently raising funds through the use of her portrait to be donated to a Tucson charity," wrote Wolf.

That charity was Tu Nidito, a place of healing for sick children and their families.

Executive Director Liz McCusker said she declined the donation after finding out the money was attached to a lawsuit.

"When we found out like everybody else that there was litigation associated with it, drawing into the Green family, we just couldn't be a party to that," McCusker said.

A spokeswoman for the family said while they were upset to hear about the litigation involving the pictures, the case did not directly affect them, so they had no comment.


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