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Coffee's Mysterious Healing Powers

From the News 13 Newsroom
Posted:  2/6/04

That morning jolt of coffee may be doing you a world of good, in addition to giving you the caffeine rush.

After some 19,000 studies on coffee, researchers are seeing it's nearly a magic elixir.

Of course, too much coffee can have some unwelcome side effects, but apparently, coffee can boost athletic performance, reduce Parkinson's Disease and even help with headaches.

Part of coffee's healing power comes from caffeine.

Scientists say a cup contains about as much caffeine as aspirin.

But coffee also has a complex mix of several other compounds.

The latest research shows six cups a day can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in men by more than 50%.

Scientists want to know more, especially about how all this works.

They are looking at creating drugs derived from caffeine and its compounds.

For now, your daily cup of coffee may be your best over-the-counter medicine.

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