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Stop the Spam

Mark Stine News 13 Reporter
Posted: 5-13-04

Everyday Adam Burt logs on to check his email. "I'd say it's probably 25 a day average new messages that are completely useless." Adam is a graphic designer in Tucson. He wants to get rid of junk emails. "If you want to check your email you want to be pretty proficient at it. Cut down on all the spam and you just want to get right to the business part of it." Getting straight to business is something Adam hasn't been able to do for years. "You just hit the shift key, scroll all the way to the bottom, press delete, that's all you need to do." Adam is used to deleting the emails, but he wants to side step SPAM completely.

Scott Greene is CEO of Great Scott Enterprises in Tucson. Part of his business, helping people escape from annoying messages they don't want. "They publish their internet email address somewhere." Something Adam Burt is guilty of. He does some shopping online, some of those sights require you to leave an email address before you make a purchase. "Create a temporary email address that you throw away after a month or two or three." An easy method to avoid the emails, but it's also time consuming.

Now if vendors aren't your only problem. Local computer stores carry items like SPAM Killer and Anti-SPAM software to filter through the emails landing in your inbox. Those items average between $30 and $40. "There are some very good products out there to buy for 30 dollars, its a very good deal," Greene said.

"Local computer stores aren't your only option. You can log on the Internet and test some forms of software before you buy them. No matter which option you choose, the best way to protect your email account is to spend the money. Scott Greene said, "You really do need to, because you are already on the list and the lists are distributed." But it's money Adam Burt doesn't think he should have to spend. "I don't really think it's necessary, if you are paying them for the service I don't really feel you should have to spend the extra $30."

SPAM might be a scary form of meat, but usually SPAM emails are nothing to be scared of.. usually the unwanted mail will not contain viruses to hurt your computer.. but you can never be too careful. "If its something you are not familiar with, if its someone you don't know then best rule of thumb is to not even open it, just hit the delete button," Scott Greene told News 13.

According to Scott Greene, unfortunately, Adam Burt and all other computer users will most likely be fighting spam emails for the rest of their lives. "Even if we wrote laws in the United States that say you can't send spam then it'll just come from overseas, and how are you going to prosecute someone in China," Greene said.

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