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Tucson Woman's Life long Search For Family is Finally Over

By Dan Marries

     Imagine not knowing where you came from.  Who your real parents are.  And whether or not you have any brothers or sisters.  For adoptees, searching for clues to their past may take years even decades.   A couple of years ago I brought you the story of Adoption Database.  A viewer, searching for her birth mother, was watching that night.  She went to the web page and registered her information.  Now after 58 years, she's being reunited with a family she never even knew existed, "I never thought this was going to happen.  It's exciting it's scary," says Patricia Jensen of Tucson.

     Born in Canada, she was given up for adoption when she was just three months old.  At the age of 13 she found out she was adopted and that's when the search for her real family began; 45 years ago, "you always feel there's a part of you missing," she says.  But not anymore.  With the help of Adoption Database she was recently reunited with her biological sister living in Canada.  Sadly she found out her mother died in January but she also found out she had a bigger family that she had ever imagined, "I never had any sisters that I knew of so I found out I have two younger sisters and two brothers."

     For JoAnne Stanik, the founder and owner of the Adoption Database, seeing another reunion is what her job is all about.  But this hard working, modest woman is even quick to point out her latest reunion is due, in part, to my story from two years ago, "first of all Dan, I want to thank you and KOLD for airing the show on the Adoption Database two years ago.  We got hundreds of people signing up after watching that program."  Since founding the resource web page JoAnne has reunited nearly 1,000 families all over the world, "each one is so special.  I feel like I'm an aunt or extended family member so everyday I get e-mails from different families giving me an update on what's happening. We have a 95 percent success rate." 

     If you're an adoptee searching for your biological family or if your a parent who was forced to give up a child you might consider filling out the information forms at www.adoptiondatabase.org. It might just lead to a family reunion.

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