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Conservative Author Is Attacked With Pies

By J.D. Wallace, KOLD News 13 Reporter

posted 10/22/04


Two and a half hours later than expected, the crowds at Centennial Hall finally heard from the woman they had been waiting to see on Thursday night.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to bring to the state Ann Coulter,” Pete Seat, state chair of the Arizona College Republicans introduced the nationally-known conservative author.

About 2400 people gathered to hear Coulter defend President Bush and bash the Democrats.  And she delivered.

"The Democrats have no actual policy proposals of their own unless constant carping counts as a policy,” Coulter said.

But outside, protestors showed that not everyone welcomed Coulter's visit, and at least two even made it inside.

As Coulter addressed a question about terrorism, she stopped mid-statement: "You take away the terrorism and liberals would hate…” at that Coulter gasped as she looked to her left, and began backing away from the podium.  Two men ran by, on-stage, and each threw a pie a her.  They were mobbed as they tried to exit the auditorium.

"Could the Marines please find them?” Coulter asked aloud, speaking of some of the men in the audience.

U of A police arrested the two men, one who was a student.  Police said the men had tickets to get in, and hid the pies in a black attaché case.  As if possible police charges weren't enough for the two suspects, the background scrim will have to be cleaned, possibly even replaced, and that could cost anywhere from three to four thousand dollars.

"We're looking into all the charges that could apply.  We have assault, criminal damage to the screen and floor and all the manhours it will take to clean it.  We'll follow through that way,” said UAPD Sgt. Keith Brittain.

"You gotta start travelling with a bodyguard.  It's a crazy time and liberals are out of their minds and look, someone can harm you and it does make me think maybe I should start travelling with somebody,” Coulter said.

Although neither pie directly hit Coulter, it’s a serious consideration for someone voicing strong opinions at a heated time.


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