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Northwest Medical Center Emergency Room Back Open After Lockdown

By Jim Becker, KOLD News 13 Reporter
Posted 3-07-05

The lockdown is standard procedure, not only for Northwest, but for all hospitals in the Tucson area, if there's a safety concern.

There may be many reasons why hospitals do this, but emergency workers say it's about protecting patients.

Police say a private vehicle drove the shooting victim from this fry's on first and roger to Northwest Medical Center. Investigators say the victim was shot in the arm.

At the hospital, a spokesperson says in the interest of public safety, the emergency room was locked down for several minutes.

Captain Adam Goldberg of Northwest Fire and Rescue says his ambulance crews honor safety procedures of hospitals, like Northwest. It's in their own best interests and the safety interests of their patients.

It stands to reason a hospital can't deal very well with a medical emergency if it has its own safety issues, he says.

"The paramedics are capable with all of their equipment and knowledge and skills to deliver the babies, to start the treatments for the heart attacks in our system and that the next closest community hospital or the trauma center is not much farther away," said Goldberg.

He adds no one's health or safety was compromised during that time.

Typically, once a hospital decides to lock down its emergency rooms, other hospitals are notified, so they can be prepared to receive additional patients.

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