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The Minutemen are Back

Mark Stine KOLD News 13 Reporter
Posted: 6-18-05

"I think our government is not doing the job they're supposed to be doing to protect the American people." That's what brought Robert Alley all the way from Michigan to the Arizona/ Mexico border.

"I decided to come down and give these guys a hand," Alley said.

The minutemen are looking to surprise illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. by lining the border unannounced. "When you make a commitment to a cause it's a little bit more than an interest, it's not a hobby, it's a crusade," Warren McQuiggan said.

With just a one day notice, 30 minutemen showed up in Naco for the weekend watch.

"It's a problem I felt I could help out and address the problem," McQuiggan said.

The minutemen started their patrol Friday night.

The minutemen set up their posts where they believe illegal immigrants will cross the border, this post is set up right next to these water tanks put out by Humane Borders.

The volunteers say they're once again trying to help an understaffed Border Patrol.

"If we have a visual contact and it's a confirmed contact we can keep them in view. We call Border Patrol and they'll make an intercept and it's history from there," McQuiggan told KOLD News 13.

The minutemen say the month of April and one weekend in May wasn't enough. And they say they won't stop, until the border is secure. "It's not a flash in the pan, it's going to grow and it's going to surprise a lot of people who were hoping we would go away, we're not going to go away," McQuiggan said.

With the minutemen continuing their stance on the border, McQuiggan believes the U.S. government can't overlook the issue. "I think in the long run, we've made an impact they can't ignore."

The Minutemen say they'll be on the border until Sunday afternoon, but to expect more surprise visits in the future.

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