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Weather Could Make Difference In Fighting Florida Fire

Higher humidity and cooler temperatures helped firefighters battling the Florida fire Wednesday.  But thunderstorms could make their job tougher.

The fires has grown to more than 11,000 acres near Madera Canyon.  About 30 cabins in the area were evacuated so firefighters had room to work on establishing fire lines.  No buildings are in immediate danger.

Higher humidity makes it harder for the fire to burn.  And while monsoon rains are also welcome, they could also bring high winds, which could spread the flames.  Shifting winds caused the fire to jump containment lines Tuesday.

Lightning strikes could also touch off new fires if there isn't enough rain along with them.

A smoke advisory is also in effect for people living near the fire.

Communities to the south and east have been advised to clear brush around their homes, but they are not in immediate danger.

Fire managers predict the fire will grow to 18,000 acres. They are hoping for full containment by July 22.

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