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Gas Shortage: Rumor, Not Reality

Marianne Martinez, KOLD News 13 Reporter
Posted 9-1-05

The gas shortage is a rumor -- not reality, said AAA of Arizona.

Spokeswoman Yvette Lopez says Hurricane Katrina has not affected gas supplies in Arizona. Instead, a transportation problem delayed delivery to some independent gas stations. Also, some drivers were panic-buying, causing some sporadic shortages.

"Panic-buying is when consumers call their friends and family and they all go out and buy gasoline," Lopez said. "It puts a huge demand on the existing supply."

Lopez also said drivers should not hoard gasoline. Instead, they should just continue their normal usage, and even try to conserve.

"I heard President Bush say if we don't need gas, we shouldn't be buying gas," said driver Chris Czaplinski. "I think we should all conserve right now."

Hurricane Katrina has caused higher gas prices. The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Arizona was $2.72 on Wednesday.  AAA said drivers should not prices to drop significantly until October.

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