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Minutemen Back on the Border

Mark Stine KOLD News 13 Reporter
Posted: 4-1-06

"Welcome to the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps Arizona Secure our Border Watch event."

A rally opens up another month long watch along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Minuteman leader Chris Simcox said, "A message to President Bush, read my lips, secure the border."

Nearly 200 minutemen gathered Southwest of Tucson to do the job they say Congress and President Bush refuse to do.

"An American has a duty to stand up for our laws," Minuteman Joe Andrews told KOLD.

Minuteman Tucson Sector leader Carmen Mercer said, "The volunteers are flocking in, hundreds have signed up."

Some of the support the Minutemen attribute to local protests by students about immigration reform.

"I think that all of these massive teenager protests are doing good for us," Bill Ames said.

Mike Mothersead told KOLD, "I don't agree with them, I think they're misguided in it, but they have that right."

"We don't need immigration reform, we need our border secure, our laws enforced," Chris Simcox said at the rally.

Once the Minutemen wrapped up their rally. The got their instructions, lined up and headed out to their posts.

The minutemen chose to patrol this three mile stretch in Three Points because the say it's a corridor for human and drug smuggling.

Mercer explained, "This Highway 286 is the highway everybody has to cross, so we set up here and we're always very very successful in spotting illegals and reporting them to the border patrol."

Armed with binoculars, night vision gear, radios and guns for protection, the Minutemen will try to stop illegal immigrants from crossing their lines.

"The border patrol is understaffed and overworked and hopefully we can give them a little assistance," Ames said.

Simcox said, "We're here to back them up, to show them support, eyes and ears, to be ever vigilant."

And the Minutemen say it's not just this month, they'll be out watching until the border is secure.

"And as long as our politicians don't have the fortitude to stop that, well we'll be out here," Ames told KOLD.

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