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Minuteman Border Fence Vandalized

By Mark Stine, KOLD News 13 

There are holes in a border fence put up by the Minuteman Project.  Volunteers with the border watch group built it last month near Palominas.  But someone tore it up.

The new Minuteman fence resembles the current border fence and it now has even more similarities because parts of it are in pieces.

"We expected some sort of statement from across the border, but we didn't think they'd go this far," says Jack Ladd as he drives along the new Minuteman border fence that sits on the edge of his ranch, and assesses the damage.  "If anything, it's going to show the people of the United States it's even worse than what they thought."

An 800-foot section of the three mile barbed wire fence was cut.

"Cut so cleverly that it could not be repaired, it has to be restrung because it's cut right here at the post," says Carmen Mercer of the Minuteman Project.

"It's very disappointing and of course we'd like to know what happened. If it was reaction from the other side, if it was reaction from, I don't know, question mark there."

The Minutemen aren't surprised someone wanted the new barrier destroyed, but they are surprised the culprits weren't caught in the act.

"Especially over the lengths that it was done. It's just surprising to me that it was not getting the attention of the border patrol when it happened."

And since the act of vandalism, the volunteer group is increasing security along the fence line to keep it from happening again.

"We'll be there to prevent that, you better believe it."

The Minutemen say they've reported this vandalism to the Cochise County Sheriff's Department and hopefully they will be able to find out who destroyed the fence.

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