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Tucson Sets Limits On Motorized Bikes

Tucson's City Council is setting limits on motorized bikes to fall into line with a new state law which takes effect Thursday.

The new law says a bike that goes faster than 20 miles an hour is a moped—meaning it must be licensed, insured, and registered. The owner also must have a valid driver's license. But if it stays under 20 miles an hour, it's a bicycle.

Tuesday night, city leaders agreed with the state law. Motorized bikes in Tucson will be subject to the 20 mph speed limit, keeping them bicycles in the eyes of the law.

The motorized bikes are popular with people trying to save money on gas. Some models can get up to 150 miles on a gallon of gas, and several people told city leaders to stay off their rides.

"It's a method of of getting from point A to point B," says Alex Nolke, a motorized bike rider. "If we live in a society where they think they need to put laws on transportation, that's missing the whole point."

The city plans to review the bike regulations in a year to see if changes are needed.

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