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Port Of Entry Violence Causes Alert

Violence in Mexico has authorities on high alert at the Naco port of entry.  This following a deadly outburst earlier this week south of the border.

Mexican authorities are not letting cars drive through the Naco checkpoint into Mexico.  You can still walk across.  U.S. authorities are letting both drivers and walkers through into the U.S., but Customs and Border Protection says they are on heightened alert.

Fort Huachuca began restricting its soldiers from traveling into Mexico until further notice.

This all stems from two deadly shootings in two weeks.  The first happened last week when two officers in Nogales, sonora drove into an ambush.  Suspected drug runners opened fire with AK-47s, hitting a patrol truck at least 50 times.  One of the officers was killed.

Earlier this week in Cananea, Mexico, about 30 miles south of Naco, gunmen linked to drug cartels stormed in and executed four police officers before getting into a huge gunfight with police.  In all, 22 people died including 15 of the gunmen.

Mexican authorities were doing rumor control Friday.  They say reports of gunmen moving in on Cananea are false.

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