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Venom Week 2007 Comes to Tucson

Lauren Burgoyne KOLD NEWS 13 News Reporter

Venom Week 2007 is bringing together 225 zoologists, academic researchers and medical professionals from around the world to discuss venomous creatures together for the first time in history.

The event is sponsored by the University of Arizona's VIPER Institute, the Arizona Poison and Drug Infromation Center and the Arizona Desert Museum as well as other organizations.

Both the Arizona Desert Museum and the El Conquistador Resort are hosting the conference.

Throughout the week researchers will discuss various topics, which include the latest medical advancements in anti-venom, anti-venom shortages as well as the handling techniques for venomous creatures.

To give the public an idea about what Venom Week 2007 is all about the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is featuring a rattle snake exhibit displaying 18 different types of rattlesnakes found in Southern Arizona.





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