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Tucson Couple Launches Cross-Country Journey In Veggie-Oil Powered Truck

By Jim Becker, KOLD News 13 Reporter

The vehicle itself isn't all that new-- a 1993 GMC pickup with 191-thousand miles on it.

However, it is retrofitted with a fuel system designed to run on either conventional diesel or vegetable oil.

The Bradsens, Kate and Carol, believe their fuel supply will be cheap and plentiful, as they point out restaurants specializing in deep-fried cooking often pay people to haul away used vegetable oil.

By pumping it into their truck, the Bradsens believe they'll be doing restaurants and grocery stores a small favor.

The veggie oil fuel system is designed by a college student from Prescott.

It stores, filters and heats the vegetable oil.

When the fuel burns, it smells like French fries, chimichangas or egg rolls, depending on the source, and it burns much cleaner than conventional diesel.

Kate Bradsen, an Episcopal priest, says the four-month mission is more than an opportunity to show off new technology.

"If I am a Christian, it matters how I live.  It matters what I drive.  It matters what I wear.  It matters what kind of food I eat," she explains, "and to me, being mindful of how we make use of our resources is an important part of being a Christian."

The Bradsens say their veggie-oil powered truck will be a vehicle for a message of hope, one that awakens spirits.

"What we're calling people to do as we travel around is to try to find the things that make them come alive and that live in ways that are life-giving to themselves and to other," says Carol Bradsen, "and so that's why we are chosen to drive this around.

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