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Newborns Switched at Birth

by Leasa Conze, KOLD News 13 at 5 Producer

Imagine taking home the wrong newborn from the hospital and not finding out for 10 months.

That's what happened to two couples in the Czech Republic.

Somehow two girls were swapped at birth.

The mixup didn't come to light until months later, when the father of one of the babies became suspicious because his daughter didn't look like him.

He had his DNA tested.  It didn't match his daughter's.

 His wife had her DNA tested.  It didn't match either.

The hospital says it is cooperating with the police investigation, as well as completing an investigation of its own that it calls a "regrettable case."

Meanwhile, the families are traumatized. 

"She has been breast feeding Nikola since birth; she only stopped recently," said Libor Broza, the biological father of Veronika about his partner, Trojanova.

 The couples met for the first time last week and were introduced to each  other's girls, but they didn't make the swap at that time.  They've decided to get to know each other's family a little better first.

They want to exchange information like what the girls like to eat, what illnesses they've had and what their favorite fairy tales are.  They'll also rename the girls with the names they originally chose for their daughters.

The couples reportedly plan to sue the hospital for $500,000 in damages.

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