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Needle Scare In Walgreens Candy Aisle

By Suleika Acosta, KOLD News 13

Candy sales were halted at the Walgreens store at Grant and Swan for a few hours on Halloween after a package of one-and-a half inch sewing needles was found on top of a package in the candy aisle.  One needle was missing from the package.

"If you swallow a needle, it's going to hurt and possibly kill you," says Tucson Police spokesman Decio Hopffer. 

A spokesman for Walgreens says the store notified the state health department immediately and went through other candy in the store.  "We found no evidence of tampering," says Michael Polzin.  "They gave us the okay to resume the sale candy at the store." 

Polzin says sewing supplies are located next to the candy aisle at the store, and he thinks this might just be a bad Halloween trick.

Police aren't taking this lightly.  They're asking everybody to go through any candy purchased at the store, and if they find any pieces without workers, throw them out.

Investigators will be looking at the surveillance video from the store to determine who was responsible.

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