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7 Minutes to De-Stress?

The entire morning team got into the act! The entire morning team got into the act!

Posted by: Stefanie Boe, KOLD News 13 This Morning

Lee Holden stopped by the KOLD studios Friday morning to teach the morning team about the art of Qi Gong. Holden is the host of a new PBS show on the ancient practice.

Holden first discovered the healing power of QiGong and tai chi after experiencing injuries that nearly sidelined his varsity soccer career. 

Today, he is an internationally known instructor in meditation, tai chi, and QiGong, as well as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and author. Look for his new show to premiere at the end of November on our local PBS station.

Holden's new DVD program uses these techniques to give you "7 Minutes of Magic." The KOLD News 13 Morning team gave it a shot, be sure to watch the video to see how they did.

To learn more about Lee Holden click here.

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