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Viewers Respond To Security Alert

By Som Lisaius, KOLD News 13

It's only a document, but this FBI urgent report has certainly ruffled a lot of feathers since we told you about it last night.

KOLD News 13 is the only news outlet to obtain the report which outlines a possible terrorist threat right here in Southern Arizona.

It speaks specifically to Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista.

It gives no timetable or explanation of how the threat will be carried out, but does say "A group of Iraqis may have entered the United States through tunnels from Mexico into Arizona."

And those same "Iraqis are believed to be the ones who will perpetrate the attack on Fort Huachuca."

"The military is always a target, I believe."

That's Lt. Colonel Matthew Garner of the United States Army.

He says Fort Huachuca was notified of the threat in May and very specific measures were taken to protect the Fort and its 13-thousand people.

For security purposes, he wouldn't tell us what those measures were.

But assured us Fort Huachuca is fully prepared for any threat that comes its way.

"We operate within that knowing that we are always a target," he said.  "And then we take all precautions necessary whether it's a general threat or a specific threat like the one you're talking about."

When we asked government officials about the document, they were more concerned with where we got it than verifying what it had to say.

When we told them we were moving forward with the story, the FBI released a statement saying, "The information in this report was disseminated to law enforcement and intelligence partners for situational awareness, even though it had not been completely evaluated."

They went on to say, "There is no information to state this is a credible threat. We remind people to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to their local authorities."

After we aired the story last night, a good number of you, our viewers contacted us telling us what they think. Several viewers wanted to see the document themselves and genuinely wanted to learn more.

Others weren't so interested, calling our report, "utter and complete irresponsible and sensationalized reporting."

"KOLD does its viewers a disservice by taking this so seriously," one viewer wrote.

While another added, "Let's yell fire in a theater and see what happens."

"As a member of our society, do you believe this is something people need to be aware of...need to be notified of?" KOLD asked Tucsonans Jack and Audrey Gresham.

 "I believe it is, I believe it is, yes," Jack said. 

Shaking her head, his wife Audrey agreed, "I don't know why we haven't heard about it sooner."

"If this is being kept confidential, something so close to here--I think this of more importance than what we're doing in Iraq," said William Bevill, another concerned citizen.  "Seems like the kind of information that would benefit everybody here."

Again, this is just a sampling of what you had to say. KOLD News 13 is not supporting the document or giving it any more credence than anyone else. We're simply reporting the fact, this is genuine article document that was released to law enforcement as an FBI urgent report.

What you choose to make of it--is entirely up to you.

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