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Laughter Yoga Eases Tension In Tucson


By, KOLD News 13 This Morning Anchor/Reporter, Jenny Anchondo

What if your doctor prescribed 30 minutes of laughter 4 times per week? 

That's what Indian doctor, Madan Kataria wanted to do, but he didn't have a program for his patients to follow.

So, he developed Laughter Yoga, a combination of yoga poses and giggles for health.  The trend has caught on and now it's being practiced here in Tucson.

When you practice Laughter Yoga, you chuckle, belly laugh, giggle, and snort for no reason at all, said Tucson-based Laughter Yoga Instructor Patti Wheatley.

"We're not laughing with a sense of humor, or from our left critical thinking brain, we're laughing for fun and health," Wheatley said.

Laughter massages internal organs and reduces stress hormones, Wheatley said.

"It is very spontaneous, when I look at you and laugh, you feel like laughing too," Wheatley said.

Dr. Kataria found that laughter increases deep breathing, which increases blood flow to the brain.

You can even show up to class grumpy. Forced laughter should change your mood, Wheatley said.

"We teach a solo laughter practice, where we start with just a chuckle and then you get into a bigger laugh," Wheatley said.

In order to benefit, you have to laugh consistently 4 times a week for 30 minutes, alone or in a group, Wheatley said.

Links to Tucson's Laughter Yoga Learning Center and Dr. Kataria's website are attached to this story. 

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