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How to make a Grimaldi's Pizza

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By the Pizza Chef's at Grimaldi's Pizza on Campbell

Step One:  The dough is one of the more important aspects of making a great pie.  We need to take much care in the whole process.  It starts with rolling the dough into a dough ball.  There are many ways to roll dough into a ball. The important thing to remember is to end with a circular pie we must start with a circular dough ball.  Take time on the ball to make sure it looks perfect in the beginning so you can end perfectly.  We use 18oz. of dough to make an 18" pie.

Step Two:  To turn a dough ball into an 18" skin we need to be firm with a gentle hand.  Sprinkle your  proofed dough ball with a touch of flour.  This allows the dough to be workable without sticking to your hands or the surface in which we will be working on.  Using the tips of our fingers we push into the dough from the outside in.  We want make sure the center does not have any air bubbles.  This insures that the center of the finished product is as thick as the rest of the pie.  Using the palm of our hands push into the dough between the crust and the center, turn and repeat until dough is uniform. About 3/8" of an inch thick.  At this stage the dough should be about 8"-10" in diameter. Now begins the slap, place the dough in one hand and slap into the other hand with a quarter turn each time.  This does take some practice.  Keep in mind that the slap is what stretches the dough.  You don't need to spin it to get it to the desired size. 

Step Three:  Topping the pie will consist of the following products.

                                Fresh Mozzarella Cheese- 13.5 oz

                                Roma Tomatoes- Slice into ¼" inch slices, 9oz.

                                Fresh Chopped Garlic- Chop into 1/8" inch pieces, 2 tablespoons

                                Black Pepper- Just a pinch

                                Dried Oregano- Just a pinch

                                Graded Romano Cheese- 1 oz

                                Olive Oil- ¼ teaspoons

                                Fresh Basil- 1 leaf

Step Four: Placing the topping onto the pizza.  First we need to think how we are going to cook the pizza.  Not everybody has a coal fired oven in their back yard.  So, let's think of alternatives.  Most say to buy a pizza stone.  That brings up many complications.  How do you get the pizza on to the hot stone and for that matter, how do you take your cooked pizza off the hot stone? This can be a difficult process.  So what I recommend is to buy a pizza screen.  It's thin and the best part is that you can make the pizza on the screen and move it around while the pizza is being painted.  Okay, now we have all that worked out, so let's begin making our pie.  Now with the dough slapped out to an 18" skin, place it on the screen.  Let the screen edges be the guide to help make the dough circular.  Take the thin sliced fresh mozzarella and place onto the pie ½ inch from edge and finger distance from each other.  Take the chopped garlic and flick onto pie in a uniform fashion.  I say flick because it can stick to your fingers.  The Roma Tomatoes are next.  Place on pie ½ inch from edge and two fingers apart from each other.  Now the pizza should look like a pizza.  Add the black pepper, oregano and Romano cheese to the top for flavor.  Drizzle the olive oil over the whole pie. Break up the basil leaf into a couple of pieces and place in center.  And there it is, a Grimaldi's white Tomato fresco Pizza.

Step Five:  How to cook it.  The general rule of thumb is,  hotter the better.

                475-525 for 5-12min.    Each oven is different so I can't say exactly so just pay attention and you will have a great dinner for 4-6 people.  Enjoy, and if it doesn't come out the way you want, don't worry you can always come by our store at 6th and Campbell.

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