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Green Valley Man Fights His HOA

Suleika Acosta, KOLD News 13 Reporter

"Everybody likes to have lower energy costs and we're no different and that's why we put them up there."

Gordon Carlson installed solar sunscreens over his home windows last summer. Their purpose: bring in the light and keep out the heat. But just weeks after they were up, he received a notice from his homeowner's association asking him to remove them.

What's wrong with the sunscreens? The association says the color is too light and that solar screens must be darker than the home.

"They allow the same color sunscreens on the side of the house but not the front of the house and when we question why, they really don't give us a valid explanation," says Gordon.

The Soledad HOA board president declined an on camera interview, only saying the screens violate guidelines.

"If they were dark, they probably would absorb the light," says Gordon.

But under Arizona law, the screens fall under the solar energy device category and are protected from restrictions. Gordon was even given a tax credit from the federal government for the screens.

"Personally, I would prefer black as a color choice," says Lee Cole.

Gordon's neighbor sides with the board.

"The problem we have is the color and if they change the covenants, conditions and restrictions - fine but if once you set a precedent for changing things then basically you can get a board in who has an agenda to change everything," says Lee.

The board wrote a letter to Gordon saying he'll be fined $10 a day until he removes the screens from the front of the home. The issue is up for discussion at the next HOA meeting at the end of the month.

"We're supported entirely to have them up and they're going to stay up," adds Gordon.

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