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Eegee's Managers Robbed At Gunpoint

By Som Lisaius, KOLD News 13

Police don't know for sure if the cases are related, but it certainly seems that way. Three separate incidents outside Well Fargo banks.  In each case, an Eegee's store manager is about to make a deposit, when somebody approaches from behind and sticks a gun in their face.

Every morning, Eegee's manager Lisa Winters leaves her store on North Stone and heads to Wells Fargo.  It's about a ten minute ride to the Speedway and Campbell location.  That's where she makes her store's daily deposit.  But Thursday morning, February 28th, she never made it inside the bank.

"I popped the door. He grabs the door, jerks it open and puts the gun at my head right above my ear--and tells me...I hate these words...'Give me the F'n money.'"

Winters never got a good look at the man's face; she just handed over the bank bag and said take it.  Two weeks later, another incident involving another Eegee's manager at another Wells Fargo bank.

In both cases a brown four-door sedan possibly a Pontiac Grand Prix is spotted by the victims.

One week later a third Eegee's manager is nearly robbed at a third Wells Fargo bank.  But she has a gun on her front seat. And when the man approaches her, she points it at him and he takes off on foot.

"Somebody obviously knows a little bit about our company, our routine so to speak."

That's Dominick Scala, assistant director of operations for Eegee's 21 Tucson locations.  He feels three separate, but similar cases are more than just a coincidence.

"It could be a current employee who knows our routine and telling a friend.  It could be an ex employee, " Scala says. "We really feel it's someone connected or someone that knows knowledge of Eegee's."

Either way it has at least three store managers living in fear. And for Lisa Winters, a terrible, terrible feeling every time she goes to the bank.

"This changed my whole life.  Every loud noise I hear, I'm scared, I'm shaking.  "I'm terrified to go anywhere by myself anymore because they know me-but I don't know them."

If you have any information, call 911 or 88-Crime. A reward up to one thousand dollars will go to the person whose tip leads to an arrest.  You can remain anonymous.  It isn't who you are, it's what you know that could help solve each case.

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