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Coworking New Way To Network

KOLD News Anchor Scott Kilbury

About 21 million people are independent workers, with offices at home.  Sometimes  those workers miss the networking and collaboration that happens in a typical corporate environment.  So, some have resorted to coworking. 

Sometimes it can be tough going it alone.

Alexis Siemons is a coworker and likes it. "It's just so great to be around inspiring, creative people," she said.

But they don't actually work 'together' at all. They belong to what's called a co-working facility.

The idea? Have a place where the self-employed or telecommuter can go to either share work space or just be around other people... But with a little more formality than a coffee shop.

Alex hillman founded one spot after working at home left him lacking a few things.

 "The good parts of office culture --the camaraderie, the going out to lunch with people."  Hillman, Founder, Independents Hall, says. 

Brad Neuberg agrees, "I was sort of missing the things a job could give me, like structure, normal working hours."

So Neuberg, who's credited with actually coining the phrase 'co-working', opened a space a few years ago where others could come work with him.  Neuberg says,  "It's a lot like having fellow employees at a company, but you get to keep your independence."

He encouraged others to do the same...and the idea took off. Trend watchers say this is the work movement of the moment.

To find a coworking space, log onto kold dot com and click on summer savings for one place that keeps a list.

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