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"N" word, swastikas spray-painted on Willcox restaurant

"No n----r for president" was spray-painted on this wall. "No n----r for president" was spray-painted on this wall.
This message says "vote Makain." This message says "vote Makain."

By Jim Becker  bio | email

He says people in the town took bets that his restaurant, open since May 14, would fail by September.

Michael Terrell's eatery and tavern stayed open, but the owner is having second thoughts after someone painted racial slurs and swastikas on the turquoise painted brick walls over the weekend.

"So many people are into disbelief," says Terrell.  "2008, no way. People say it's gotta be drunken kids. Drunken kids don't care who's the President."

The graffiti insults Barak Obama's race through the use of the "n" word. The graffiti urges voters to vote for 'Makain', a misspelling of the republican presidential nominee, U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

Terrell and his family members believe the taggers intentionally misspelled words to make people think the vandals are children with poor scholastic abilities.

In any event, Terrell, who is African-American and an Obama supporter, says he's worried about the safety of his family.

"That swastika, I don't take that lightly," he adds.

Willcox Police Chief Jake Weaver says politics aside, what happened at Michael's Restaurant is a hate crime, and what's done to Terrell affects the whole community.

"It has nothing to do with politics, in my opinion" says Weaver.  "It's just ignorance and stupidity."

Anyone with information can call the Willcox Police Department at 520-384-4673.  Weaver says callers can remain anonymous.

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