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Retro cloth diapers save money and the environment

By Suleika Acosta - email

If you have a newborn at home or even a toddler who isn't potty trained just yet, then you know how expensive disposable diapers can be. How about going back in time to the way our mothers did it, with cloth diapers.

A baby will use 6,000 disposable diapers until they're potty trained and that adds up to thousands of dollars. Not to mention the gas for the trip to the store. That's why parents are trying a money saving alternative.

Erika Colombi is a busy mom with three kids, two in diapers. She's taking a page from her mom's mothering book with a method she used 30 years ago: cloth diapers.

"We're on a very tight budget, 40, 50, 60 dollars a month per child, that's at least a week in groceries."

With reusable diapers, Erika is saving $700 a year, per child.

Trisha Gratrix owns Ten Tiny Piggies, a Tucson web based cloth diaper company. While other businesses are struggling today, hers is booming.

"Basically you can spend $2,000, throw it in the trash or you can spend $300 and reuse them with your next child," says Trisha..

More and more parents are turning to this cost saving option, which saves space in local dumps and that's not all.

"Disposables do take a long time to decompose in landfills."

Gone are the days of using pins on cloth diapers. Trisha offers a variety of one size fits all, Velcro and snap diapers. Throw away liners make them easy to wash and use over and over again.

With the money Erika's family is saving, they can send their oldest son to preschool, a benefit they consider priceless.

"With the price of gas, with the price of milk and everything else, this is really an easy, no brainer to save a lot of money," adds Erika.

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