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Raw food diet helps woman lose weight

By Brian White - email

A change in diet could mean a change in your health. The best part is--you don't even have to cook.

A backyard garden contains almost everything Angela Stokes needs to put together her daily diet.

Everything she eats is raw.

It's simple and natural, eating food straight from the earth, there's no rocket science, no mystery. The mainstay of it is nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits in an unheated, unprocessed condition.

Angela says she used to eat junk food and weighed 300 pounds. Six years ago she made a drastic change in her diet, stopped consuming meat and other animal products and starting eating only raw food.

"It was like a light bulb moment to be like this, it's what i was waiting for to reclaim my health," Stokes says.

Instead of going cold turkey-- or as Angela prefers cold cucumber-- she recommends a slow transition to raw foods.

"I recommend people start out being at least 50 percent raw and go from there," she says.

She suggests choosing a variety of raw foods.

"Start eating things you know you like, maybe you like plums and peaches and spinach," Stokes adds.

And she says don't be afraid to try new combinations of raw foods, they might just be appetizing.


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