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Sex, Lies and Handwriting reveals secrets in a signature

You could say Michelle Dresbold is a pretty good judge of character.  As an expert in handwriting analysis, she can tell alot from a little.

"I started analyzing handwriting because it was fun then the police approached me for help," Dresbold said.  "Since then I have always been right."

Dresbold's work is so reliable, she's appeared as an expert witness in a murder trial and the only civilian invited to the us secret service's advanced documentation exam program. 

Now she's an author.  "Sex, Lies and Handwriting,"  talks about what you can learn through a simple signature.  She shares stories on how she identifies, liars, perverts and evil-doers through their handwriting.

Dresbold is in Tucson to talk about her book and offer some analysis.   She's part of the Loews Ventana Canyon resorts's residence series and will speak Friday at 6:30. 

Dresbold will use famous and not-so-famous Americans to explain the detailed scientific process of handwriting analysis and give everyday tips on how someone's handwriting reflects their intentions or emotional state.  And, yes, there will be some time for Dresbold to do some handwriting analysis on the spot.  Her book, recently released on paperback, will be available for sale.

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