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Does It Work: Snor enz

By Erin Christiansen

Nearly 90 million Americans do it every night and for their partners it causes many a sleepless night. We're talking about snoring. But is there a cure?  News 13 tested a product that claims to end snoring. The couple that tested Snor enz says they haven't had a good night's sleep since they got married.

No one wants the product Snor enz to work more than Brad and Stefanie Boe. Since Brad and Stefanie were married six months ago. Stefanie hasn't slept well because of Brad's snoring. They allowed us to set up a camera in their bedroom to give us an idea of what Stefanie hears every night. Together they answer the question "Does It Work?"

Stefanie didn't know about Brad's snoring problem until they got married six months ago. Neither did Brad, "Before that, I never noticed it. I mean maybe once in a while I'd wake myself up but now she's kicking me in my sleep."

His wife Stefanie Boe, "Sometimes it's not as noticeable, it's more like a wheezing sound, but there are nights he's deep sleeping where it's like a train in the bedroom. And I have to hit him."

She hits him. Because, now, more than ever Stefanie needs her rest, she's pregnant, "I think in the early stages of my pregnancy it was waking me up, but now that I'm getting up to go to the bathroom all the time he's keeping me from going back to sleep."

Desperate for a solution, Brad tries Snor-enz. It's a natural oil you spray to the back of your throat. Brad didn't like the taste, "It was like a bitter spearmint, just really nasty. And it was like oily so it stuck to your throat, which is what it's supposed to do, but still not pleasant."

Watch what happens....he doesn't snore! And it worked again the next night! Stefanie explains, "2 nights I think it was, and then it was on the third night he was up coughing and choking and waking me up with the coughing."

"I woke up choking on it a couple of times because it builds up phlegm in your throat," Brad recalls. Brad tried it one more night after the initial coughing but it was too bothersome.  Stefanie reacts, "That was pretty disappointing. I was like, 'Are you sure you're choking?' "

Does she think it works? "Definitely for those 2 nights it worked. I don't know if it was his body that built up a resistance to it or what...but for those 2 nights it was so great!

Stefanie is getting a little more sleep these days. She and Brad have devised a plan. Stefanie goes to bed first and Brad stays up late watching tv. That way stefanie can usually fall asleep before Brad goes to bed.

We should also mention that heavy snoring can be a sign of some medical problems. Consistent heavy snoring can be associated with sleep apnea a condition where the person actually stops breathing for periods of time. And it can also signal heart problems. So it's a good idea to get a checkup if the snoring is a chronic problem.


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