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Accessories for the dorm: part II

By Andy Taylor - email


Last week on our Tech Tuesday segment we featured some fine hardware from Apple to get your Desktop together, your media mobile and your internet connection wireless. We're featuring a couple of items on this weeks' show that can add some fun and needed tools to your home, office cubicle or dorm room.

I2IStream Unleash Your Tunes

The i2iStream is a product that would come in the fun category while having some uses for working out, driving on long trips and sharing with your friends while relaxing after a long day of studying.   The i2iStream is a Digital Music broadcaster which allows you to connect your MP3 player or iPod with a 3.5mm jack to one i2i unit and then select a color from seven different options. Attach headphones to your i2i unit and you can listen to your audio playing through. Give another i2i device to a friend and they can plug in a set of headphones and listen to the music playing off your MP3 player when the same color channel is selected.

There are no batteries as the units have a rechargeable internal battery that gets its juice of the USB port with a battery life of about 5 to 7 hours. The units themselves feature a 2.4Ghz Wireless Transceiver and feature a range of up to 30feet. You're not limited to stream to just one friend, if your others friends have an i2istream unit, you can also stream to them. You are also not limited at stream MP3 audio, you can stream your television, stereo, cell phones or any device that will plug into the i2i device. This is a great device for a road trip or just hanging out. The Price for the two unit package which includes the cables for recharging and cables for connecting to your MP3 player as well as a lanyard for wearing around your neck run $119.95. For More information take a look at There are also many accessories available for this product on the website.


Having the correct tool for the job when it comes to fixing your technology is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is try to repair something on your computer with a Hammer, although I have seen a few YouTube videos where it's done. A Company called Newer Technology offers a smart toolkit for the Tech user that features the Phillips head screwdrivers, slotted head drivers and the strange but very common Torx driver, also known as the Star Head for consumer electronics and computers. The Torx driver was developed by a company in Rockford Illinois for getting the proper Torque when used which made it a perfect fit for technology. Most hard drives, precision tools, are put together with this type of Torx Screw. The Kit from Newer Technology also includes a pair of tweezers and clamps and fits all together in a nice inexpensive nylon case. The product runs about $17.95 and can be found with a huge number of other accessories at


This Morning Adobe Corporation introduced its latest desktop software for the Consumer Digital Photo and Digital Video enthusiast market, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and Adobe Premiere Elements 7.  Both programs will be available separately or bundled together to make even greater use of this software that allows for completing task such as adjusting and correcting photos, capturing and editing videos, Picture and Video Sharing and Creating Presentations to put on DVD or watch on the computer. Adobe's mission with these two new offerings is to revolutionize how the world engages with Ideas and Information. 

What the Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 7 programs offer is a platform that can tell a story with photos and video personalized by the creator. Adobe has become a standard for professionals working with Digital Images from its Photoshop CS3 Extended software program at the top of the line to its recently released Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 to Photoshop Elements and then Photoshop Express which is a free online tool for sharing and basic tools for fine tuning a photo. While the new offerings of Photoshop and Premiere Elements 7 are geared at the consumer, it is for the user that would like to do a little more with the photos or video they take and add that personal touch to them.

Over the years as these tools have developed, telling a story with your media has changed as well. It's no longer about sending an email with a picture attachment, it is being able to share with others and allow those to comment or reciprocate with another photo from anywhere in the world. In addition to the software itself, Adobe has launched a one stop location for the sharing and backing up of images to a location on the web.

With this software announcement, Adobe has also announced the launching of Photoshop.Com membership which handles Video and Photo features in four different areas. How the membership with Photoshop.Com can be used is first in the delivering of tips and how to explanations as well as providing ideas for getting the most out of the editing tools available. Users will also find Online Sharing, personalized and private on with a private address for sharing with family without worrying about strangers looking at your family pictures. Backing up your photos and videos managed and organized with Elements can now be backed up to a secure off site server for safe storage and can also be accessed anywhere by logging in. This will allow the user to have the digital media with them at all times when near an internet connection and PC or Mac. Windows Mobile users will also be able to access their content from mobile devices with Photoshop.Com mobile which will be in Beta this fall.

I would recommend the bundle of products with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere Elements 7 where buyers will find a price break with the purchase of the combination pack which includes the full programs for $149.99. Individually the programs retail for $99.00. It's the best of three worlds as Video, Photos and the web merge together the Adobe Elements 7 programs and Photoshop.Com membership. For more In Depth Information on the capabilities of the two programs, take a look at


Getting a website built use to be a challenge that many small and home business owners would put off because it seemed so difficult. Deciding on the Domain Name, establishing a hosting strategy and finding a web designer that could put it all together and then promote the site to bring in visitors was something years ago that businesses actually waivered on in necessity.

People also found that they wanted to establish personal websites that could bring them closer to friends and family and often signed up for accounts with free sites that would deliver pop ups to the visitors and made it difficult for the site to be found. Over the last five years this has changed quite dramatically on both fronts as business realized that they needed a site to bring in customers even locally and could compliment marketing with a service that wouldn't cost them a ton of money and if planned correctly could present the business as an Internet Showroom.

Home and personal users also found they could create sites easily without offending visitors with pop up ads and have the domain name they wanted if available. One of the companies that got its start with offering domain names and now is one of the largest around the world is based in Arizona and run by the vibrant personality Bob Parsons and a local staff of sales and support, Go Daddy.

For years the company has offered not only inexpensive domain name registration but also name registrations such as .net, .ca, .tv and .mobi. More recently the company has been offering .me for an even more personal touch to domain names. With the domain names the company offers hosting plans on a monthly basis all the way up to dedicated servers and e-commerce solutions to get most company sites exactly what they need.

With the Hosting and Domains also comes a wide range of tools for the Web Development whether done by the company or with a third party web design firm for adding features easily such as blogs, forums, e-commerce and photo galleries as well as easy to manage Email for both Pop and web based mail solutions.

One of the most recent offerings from the company is an Unlimited Email plan where consumers can visit the Go Daddy site; purchase a domain name and then an email package to use with that domain name. With the premium unlimited email plan, users can have up to 10 mailboxes with Unlimited Email storage. This is a great way to keep photos, PDF's and other documents you may need for either sharing with friends and family or using for an important meeting. Unlimited Email accounts also come with a 10 user Group Calendar for sharing meetings and schedules as well as a 50MB file locker for storing and retrieving over the web. To check out the pricing of this new plan, take a look at


Take a look at the Photos taken in Tucson (Mine are TechtalkRadio)

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