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BP is now testing the new cap.

Oil could continue leaking into Gulf until August


BP says it will likely be August before it can stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. That's when two relief wells are scheduled to be completed. BP's CEO Tony Hayward told WLOX News the focus is now on containing the oil, as opposed to stopping it. Krystal Allan has more in her one-on-one with the company's CEO. More>>

Obama: Gulf oil leak "as enraging as it is heartbreaking"


President Obama is mounting an all hands on deck approach to the Gulf oil spill, ordering his top officials to return to the region next week. Saturday, he promised, "We will not relent until this leak is contained, until the waters and shores are cleaned up, and until the people unjustly victimized by this manmade disaster are made whole." More>>

Hancock County officials won't tolerate boom vandalism


Thousands of feet of protective booms are stretched across Mississippi's waters in case oil should reach our shoreline. So, what is being done to make sure boaters stay safe and the booms stay put this busy weekend? Jessica Bowman reports from Hancock County. More>>

Oil spill blamed for sinking sales of boats, marine supplies


This is the time of year when boat shops and marine supply stores enjoy brisk business. But since the oil spill, many business owners say sales have been sinking. Trang Pham-Bui tells us what a Gulfport man is doing to try to make up some of his loss. More>>

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