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Hundreds of teens have died playing this old, but popular game Video included


It's troubling and alarming an old trend is resurfacing, teens across the country are passing out to get high, and the consequences could be deadly.

Diabetic girl reunited with service dog who was essentially stolen Video included


An 11-year old diabetic girl and her service dog Major are back together again after Major was essentially stolen.

Butler Co. Sheriff to Mexican officials: Pay us for housing your citizens Video included


The letter penned by Sheriff Jones comes amid a heated nationwide debate about illegal immigration.  

Man shoots, kills wife and another man before turning gun on himself Video included


Nicole Hiles had filed an emergency protective order against her estranged husband less than 24 hours before he killed her, another man and then turned the gun on himself.

Men say they have evidence of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass Video included


The woods of Bedford, Kentucky are filled with countless wonders of nature that will take your breath away, but could the same woods also be home to Bigfoot?

FOX19 Investigates: Cincinnati city leaders lose $13.5M in loan programs Video included


The city of Cincinnati has forgiven more than $13 million in taxpayer-funded loans and a FOX19 Investigation found they plan to forgive more in the future. 

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