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Carondelet Heart & Vascular Institute (CHVI) at St. Mary’s Hospital offers high quality, compassionate, care for patients with emergency and existing heart and vascular conditions. The Institute’s experienced heart and vascular specialists also provide care at Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital and throughout southern Arizona. CHVI specialists provide leading-industry care to patients in a modern healing environment. We offer a full range of cardiac and vascular care, including:
• Comprehensive diagnostic and interventional cardiac services
• Most advanced minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgical services
• Vascular surgery
• Electrophysiology

Seven Steps to Improve Heart Health The American Heart Association has designed “Life’s Simple 7” – small steps that are easy to do, inexpensive and collectively can make a big difference in heart health.

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  • Get Active. We all know we should exercise. But did you know that every hour you exercise adds two hours to your life expectancy? Control Cholesterol. When you control your cholesterol, you are giving your arteries their best chance to remain clear of blockages. If your cholesterol is 200 mg/dL or higher, you need to take action.

  • Eat Better. More fruits and vegetables. Whole grains. Less processed food. Less sugar. Start small and improve your diet one meal at a time.

  • Manage Blood Pressure. High blood pressure is the single most significant risk factor for heart disease. When your blood pressure stays within healthy ranges, you reduce the strain on your heart, arteries, and kidneys which keeps you healthier longer.

  • Lose weight. Evaluate your body mass index using the tool on the American Heart Association website. If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, you are at significant risk for heart health problems.

  • Reduce Blood Sugar. If your fasting blood sugar level is below 100, you are in the healthy range.

  • Stop Smoking. If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do for your health.

"We have assembled an expert team of physicians and other medical professionals at the Carondelet Heart & Vascular Institute. These physicians have chosen this Institute because of Carondelet’s commitment to providing the highest quality, most advanced care that focuses on the whole patient in a multidisciplinary fashion. The intense collaboration among our medical team and referring physicians is simply the best medicine."

Michael Hecht, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Carondelet Heart & Vascular Institute

Our hybrid OR is the only one of its kind in the nation. It not only allows us to perform the most technologically advanced procedures, it offers the safest and most satisfying environment for our patients.

Derek von Haag, M.D.
Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Carondelet Heart & Vascular Institute

CHVI Hybrid Operating Suite

One highlight of the CHVI is the hybrid operating suite—a cardiac catheterization lab and cardiothoracic operating room combined. This OR is equipped with ambient lighting, high-tech equipment that reduces radiation exposure by at least 50 percent and video streaming—making it the only hybrid OR of its kind in the nation.

The design of the hybrid OR streamlines workflow and creates a more relaxing environment. It offers clear sightlines and open spaces, reducing a patient’s potential sense of isolation. This modern surgical environment also will serve as a remote classroom, producing streaming video that will allow physicians and medical students anywhere in the world to observe and learn new techniques and procedures.

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